WINDTRE is an Italian telecommunications company offering mobile, landline and Internet services. With a market share of about 30%, it's the main phone operator in Italy as of today.


For the WINDTRE self-care app, with an average traffic of 10 million unique users / month, the customer expressed the following needs:

  • Managing the in-app communications through a customizable, targeted push notification system that had to be easy to integrate and able to withstand high traffic loads (5 mln push notifications per day)
  • Having a chat support, both on the app and on the website, mediated by Watson (IBM's AI) and integrated with the Contact Management System (Genesys)
  • Enhance the in-app contextual marketing, with no impact on usability or backend


PRODUCTS: ADAM Suite | PushCamp | EIMeRouter | EIMeChat | ChannelMe

For each of the Customer's needs, we made Monk Software solutions available in order to guarantee a quick time-to-market and a high quality service:

    We integrated and customized the PushCamp SDK, allowing the WINDTRE app to gather data about the users, profile them and create cluster targets. PushCamp was also integrated with the Customer's CRM systems, in order to further enrich the targeting by crossing data. The goal was to effectively deliver commercial offers for upselling, cross-selling and discovery. The campaigns can also be event-based (e. g.  geolocation)

    We integrated EIMeChat both on the Apps (Android and iOS) and on the Web. That ensures the app's users an asynchronous, multichannel conversational experience, in line with the largest mass providers. Among its many features, EIMeChat also allows to send and receive multimedia attachments, so to facilitate the customer care processes. In addition to the chat SDK, EIMeRouter orchestrates the conversations between the AI (Watson) and the customer care cues, also resulting in the ability to manage multiple threads for each user at the same time.

    ChannelMe SDK, integrated in the WINDTRE app, enabled the creation of push, targeted channels to propose offers and news both in conversation and in other sections (banner, splash pages, and so on). The feature was made even more effective thanks to the data gathered from the app and to the synergy with the contextual marketing solutions already used by WindTre.

Flavia Gabriele

WindTre Product Owner

The cooperation with Monk Software started in 2017 to replace an IBM product. Against any odds, we trusted this small company and its product (PushCamp) as it seemed to really fit our needs. Besides the product value, Monk Software's cooperative spirit and the ability to anticipate their Client's needs are to be highlighted. Their availability, flexibility and low burocracy were vital also to conterbalance our processes, often very complex. After that, we adopted EIMe to manage the chat support and orchestrate the conversation with Watson and the call center cues. More recently, thanks to ChannelMe, we managed to exceed the structural limits of our backend systems by embracing the conversational paradigm. Our long-time partnership and the incremental adoption of their products is, undoubtedly, a proof of our satisfaction.