minimum fax is an independent, medium-sized publishing house, based in Rome. Founded in 1994, it's specialized in contemporary essays and stories. With very few exceptions minimum fax doesn't own branded bookshops, but it keeps a close contact with its readers through events, book presentations, workshops and book fairs. 


  1. Following their rebranding and the urge to adapt to a rapidly changing market, minimum fax's most heartfelt need was to strengthen its online presence, adapt the website to their new brand image and, most of all, opening to online sales, as direct selling was - up to then - managed informally and mostly via email.


PRODUCTS MARK E-Commerce and Website

  1. We started the project by studying the UX and rationalizing the content. The website was then developed based on MARK's Website and E-Commerce modules. The UI was customized according to the directions of minimum fax's creative agency .

  2. We integrated the e-commerce with the main payment gateways. Through MARK's console we then made available, amongst the others, the monitoring and managing of the received and upaid orders, the abandoned carts and the discounts. The editorial content, the product pages and the pricelists were autonomously managed by the Client through MARK's console, too.

    The set up of Warehouse and Production were added to the roadmap.

Maura Romeo

Sales Manager - minimum fax

We needed a solution able to adapt to our daily activities without disrupting our agenda. Monk Software accompanied us throughout the whole project. The e-commerce and the ERP were vital to strengthen the ties with our readers: since the website launch, the customer loyalty has grown exponentially.